Man Installing Solar panel on roof

Our solar company’s mission is simple: to save you money while making your home or business comfortable and power-efficient. Backed by more than a decade of experience, we offer an abiding passion for customizing solar power to your exact needs. We also offer solar battery storage for Tesla and LG Chem Battery systems. As your solar power allies, we maintain exacting standards and refuse to call a project “done” until we know you’re set up for years of renewable energy benefits. We’re the experts you need.

Renewable Power at Your Fingertips

Tuyo™ Power was created to take the confusion and hassle out of solar power systems. Whether you’re a homeowner hoping to save money on power bills or an entrepreneur with a passion for going green, we’re your solar panel installation answer in Southern California. We help you navigate the financial aspects of going solar as well as the customization and installation of a system all your own. Choose us and enjoy:

  • More than 100 unique solar financing options, including low-credit solutions
  • Assistance in navigating solar energy federal tax credits (as long as it’s still being offered)
  • Twenty-five-year warranties that cover our work, equipment, and your roof
  • Consultants licensed under the California Contractors State License Board

Customized Solar Solutions That Last

Nobody goes solar hoping for half-hearted service and a renewable energy system that’s just good enough. We certainly didn’t. Get our knowledgeable, dedicated team in your corner. Working with the expert solar panel installers at Energy Service Partners, we’ll give you a solar power system that surpasses your expectations while honoring your budget. When we’re finished you’ll be set up for years of energy savings. Get in touch to schedule your consultation today.