Solar power has outlasted many other renewable energy sources because it simply works — and works simply! At Tuyo™ Power, we’re endlessly enthusiastic about the benefits of solar power. There’s nothing we love more than making the world’s best solar panel systems accessible to home and business owners. Our work is especially important in sunny Southern California, where high energy bills are just waiting to be reduced by solar power installation.

We’re All About the Sun…

As solar power fanatics, we’ve tracked solar panel development for decades, always staying on the cutting-edge of the latest in solar technology. We founded Tuyo™ Power in 2016 to offer proven innovations in solar panel systems at the peak of their efficiency to hardworking property owners who deserve the advantages of this renewable energy source. We don’t install cookie-cutter solar systems; we customize each one to match your property, needs, and budget. Best of all, we never compromise or cut corners. You can rest assured you’re getting a world-class solar panel system.

…But We’re Here for You First

If you’re tired of paying high energy bills in a state where there’s almost too much sunshine, you need a solar power system installed by detail-oriented specialists who care about your future. We are those solar specialists. Put the Southern California sun to work for you — contact our Top Rated Local® team today to learn more.